Appearance(s): The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full name: Timur
Also known as: T, Timmy
Status: Dead


Date of birth: 1959
Place of birth: Russia
Date of death: 2008
Home: Liberty City
Nationality: Russian
Family: Unknown
Main affiliation: Ray Bulgarin

Luis Fernando Lopez Russian Mafia Gay Tony

Vehicle(s): Green Oracle


Timur is a character and the secondary antagonist in The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is the personal bodyguard, right-hand man and best friend of Ray Bulgarin. He appears in The Ballad of Gay Tony and he assisted Luis Fernando Lopez in certain missions given to him by Ray.


[[[]]hide]*1 During The Ballad of Gay Tony

During The Ballad of Gay Tony[2]EditEdit

Timur is Ray Bulgarin's right hand man. When Luis begins working for Ray, Timur accompanies Luis with Ray on his first job and as a chopper pilot when he is tasked with raiding the MeTV building. He claimed that he wanted to help Luis with the mission but he cannot do so because Marki Ashvilli knows his family back in "Old Place". In the last mission, Luis heads to Funland where Bulgarin's men were supervising a heroin shipment. He destroyed the heroin and killed the men, but soon after, Timur arrives, telling Luis that he is too late to catch Bulgarin as he is at the airport ready to leave in his Blue Ghawar jet. Luis kills Timur and makes his way to the airport.

Mission appearances[3]EditEdit

The Ballad of Gay Tony


  • He is an excellent guitar player, as shown in Ray Bulgarin's mission cutscenes.
  • He clearly dislikes Luis and Gay Tony, calling the latter "fag master."
  • Timur, unlike most other characters, does not wear a helmet while on a bike.
  • He says that he is a killer like Luis, and that hospitality is for weaklings.
  • Interestingly, before being killed in Funland, he reveals that he was trying to turn Bulgarin against Luis, telling him he was too weak.