Sprunk FactoryEdit

[1]Sprunk Factory in Tudor, Alderney.Added by YungLive[2]Aerial view of the Sprunk Factory.Added by YungLiveThe Sprunk Factory is located on Argus Street in Tudor, Alderney. Although the factory is accessible, it is abandoned and run-down inside. Its first major role is in the mission Trespass, when Phil Bell takes Niko to the factory to take out Charles "Chubby Charlie" Matteo from threatening to rat out The Pegorinos to The Commission that it was them who stole the Cocaine from the Russians.

according to myths, the abandoned Sprunk factory is a haunted area. It is thought to be haunted, because you could hear a mysterious voice threatening you after discharging a weapon. Though this was found to be the guards from the nearby strip club. Still strange things abound in the Sprunk factory, strange noises, lights and objects around the building. These strange happenings have made the abandoned sprunk factory one of the largest centers of attention for myth hunters in GTA IV. This is similar to the belief that the old hospital on Charge island is haunted aswell.

This is the second Sprunk factory to be featured in the series; another could be found in Montgomery in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.This Sprunk factory is believed to be linked to Epsilon.

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