Gantry ParkEdit

[1]Gantry Park, viewed over Dukes BayAdded by ZSGantry Park is a large public park accessed by Dukes Drive, bordered to the west by the Steinway Cemetery, east by the Dukes Bay Bridge, and the banks of Dukes Bay to the north in Steinway, Dukes, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The open outdoor space contains a carpark, baseball field, picnic area, wide boardwalk and boat wharfs on the waterside. It is the largest park in Steinway, about twice the size of the nearby Steinway Park. It is based on the Gantry Plaza State Park, with the large gantry cranes reading "East Island" on the side facing the water, just like the real-life counterpart, which says "Long Island" in the same place.