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[1]Broker Bridge in GTA IV, as seen from Fishmarket North, Algonquin.Added by ZSThe Broker Bridge is a bridge connecting the boroughs of Algonquin and Broker in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, passing over the Humboldt River. It is based on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, although its approach arches on the Algonquin side are actually based on the approach arch of the Manhattan Bridge (which is also replicated in game as the Algonquin Bridge).


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Location and accessibility[2]EditEdit

The Broker Bridge begins from the Broker-Dukes Expressway, near Masterson Street in the Hove Beach neighborhood in Broker and leads onto Diamond Street in the Chinatown neighborhood in Algonquin. It is the southernmost crossing of the Humboldt River, south of the Algonquin Bridge.

The Broker Bridge in GTA IV carries vehicles and pedestrians only. Vehicles access the bridge via the on-ramps on Masterson Street or directly from the Broker Bridge Approach Expressway, while pedestrians must climb up many flights of stairs on the massive stone foundations, accessible from Mohawk Avenue in Hove Beach at the Broker end, and just north of Pier 45 in Fishmarket South at the Algonquin end. Vehicles occupy two dual-lanes of traffic, while pedestrians use an elevated walkway in the middle. The bridge depicted as in GTA Chinatown Wars does not feature said pedestrian walkway.


According to the documentary, A History of Liberty City, the Broker Bridge was built for transportation of cars between Broker and Algonquin and because there were wasn't a tall enough structure in which people could kill themselves, so the Broker Bridge was built for people who wanted to commit suicide before there were cars. The bridge was built before the American Civil War and its real-life countapart, the Brooklyn Bridge, was built during the 1880's, 20 years after the Civil War finished.

Trivia [4]EditEdit

  • While the GTA IV rendition of the bridge features only two suspension towers, the GTA Chinatown Wars rendition features three.
  • A Flying Rat can be found atop the Algonquin side of the bridge. This can be accesed only by helicopter. Higgins Helitours is located near-by, so that is a good way of getting to the top.
  • If heading west, continue directly straight to complete a jump. Also, using a motorbike and jumping off in mid-air can be humorous, but don't jump if you're basically touching the ceiling of the building between the jump's "markers".